Men’s Fellowship to Gather around the Kingdom (5/14/16)

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The Men’s Fellowship will gather on the morning of Saturday May 14.  We’ll hold our usual gathering (this is NOT a “meeting”!) from 7:30 until 9:00 AM in the Potter’s Hand room.  The Potter’s Hand Room is located behind the sanctuary on the balcony level.

We’ll enjoy some coffee, goodies, and conversation.  Then we’ll look into the Word.

Our guest speaker will be Ben King.  Ben is a high school history teacher by profession, but he is also currently enrolled as a pastoral intern at Joy Community  Fellowship. His desire is to serve as a pastor full-time if the Lord should grant the opportunity.


What is the Kingdom of God???

Here are some of Ben’s thoughts about the message he will share with us…

There is a biblical theme that travels straight through the entire Bible, but much to our own detriment, it’s one we often overlook. When Jesus began his pubic ministry, his very first words were, “The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand…

Kingdom language isn’t very familiar to us, in part because we don’t live in a “kingdom context.” There are, however, great treasure troves of glory to behold when we consider the gospel narrative through the lens of the kingdom. Indeed the kingdom theme is essential to fully understanding the Christian hope.

So what exactly is the kingdom of God? Who belongs to the kingdom of God? How does the kingdom of God grow? This is a topic that speaks to our most basic longing for a perfected world and the amazing work God has done in His Son Jesus Christ to secure it for His people.



Saturday is also the date of the annual Spring Craft Fair in Pitman.  Broadway will be closed… Cedar Ave and Lambs Road are possible alternate routes. 

For more on the craft fair:Pitman Craft Show


All men are welcome!


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For more on the Men’s Fellowship Group:  Mens Fellowship


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