Breakfast Buffet & Yard Sale to Help Build Church in Mexico! (4/23/16)

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Our Fellowship Hall will be a busy place on Saturday (April 23)! We’re throwing two events to benefit our mission efforts for a church in La Palmilla Mexico…


Breakfast Buffet (8-11AM)…

Preparing the Breakfast Buffet Line

Preparing the Breakfast Buffet Line

The United Methodist Men’s Fellowship group will hold one of our “Famous” Breakfast Buffets from 8:00 AM to 11:00AM.

Come out and enjoy our usual menu of French Toast casserole, Eggs, Chipped Beef, Pancakes… and some fruit to balance off the “bad” stuff!

Cost of the buffet is Adults $8, $4 kids, free for children 2 and under.

To learn more about our Men’s Group, Click Here.



Yard Sale (8-1 PM)…

At the same time, our Mexico Mission Team will hold a Yard Sale. The Yard Sale will run from 8AM to 1PM. Over 20 vendors will be selling their “treasures.” UMM Bkfast 4-25-15-YardSale _IMG_2004

“Tables of treasures” will be located both inside the Fellowship Hall and outside in our parking lot.

The sales proceeds from the Missions Team’s table and the table fees from all other vendors will go to our La Palmilla mission fund.






Why Are We doing This???

Sure: It’s fun to spend some time with friends and family and to eat a great breakfast. And it’s always interesting to check out Yard Sales. But why is a church doing this? How does this further the Kingdom of God?

Getting together and serving builds community. But the results of our efforts also help those less fortunate than ourselves. The people in La Palmilla Mexico have little resources, but they have a huge heart for God. They are being God’s hands and feet in Mexico, but they need our help.

We waited in the “wilderness” of borrowed spaces for 4 years before we were able to move into our present building, But the people in La Palmilla have been waiting much longer than that. We have discovered how the resource of our building can be used to impact the lives of others while the people in La Palmilla have been struggling to help others without this resource.

Below are some pictures of our friends in Mexico and of the church they are striving to complete. The pictures are from our mission trip in 2015…

Missions team with LaPamilla church in unfinished sanctuary

Missions team with LaPamilla church in unfinished sanctuary

Mexico Mission Team ready to get to work

Mexico Mission Team ready to get to work








To learn more about last year’s trip to La Palmilla, check out the below post…

PUMC’ers take Mission to La Palmilla (7/15/15)

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For more on our Men’s Fellowship Group:    Men’s Fellowship

For more on our Mexico Missions Project:   La Palmilla





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