A Future with Hope Continues to Rebuild Sandy Devistation

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In 2012 one of the worst storms ever to hit our state pounded our shore communities. The result, in addition to all of the lost business and damaged public infrastructure, is that over 160,000 families were instantly rendered homeless.  In response, New Jersey Methodists (the PzConcert4-16 FUMC FutureHope _IMG_9509Greater New Jersey Annual Conference)  created an organization called “A Future with Hope.”   “A Future with Hope” is a vehicle for funneling volunteers from churches all across the state to help rebuild homes and to restore hope to hundreds of displaced families.

Over the past four years, thousands of volunteers have hosted other volunteers, ripped out water logged drywall, filled dumpsters, painted, spackled, sanded, and have done other back breaking labors of love to be the hands and feet of God’s grace.  Our financial support in our connection with other United Methodists has helped to make all of this possible.


 = = = Sandy is still NOT Over!!! = = =


But let’s not pat ourselves on the back- there is still a lot of work to do!  People are still homeless.  Many are still without hope.

Here’s an update that was recently sent out by the conference:

Because of You…

  • we have helped more than 230 families move home.
  • we have served those affected since the first days of Sandy relief through the ongoing recovery.
  • we have touched thousands of lives by hosting thousands of volunteers from around the country.
  • we have brought HOPE.

Our mission is made possible by your individual contributions, which together have made a real difference in the lives of those affected by Sandy. Thank you for supporting these families through A Future With Hope!


But this is far from a “done deal”- there is still more hope to give! The following video was recently produced to give us an insight into what has been done and into what remains to be done.



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