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The Steeple Burned Down, but the Church is Fine! (12/01/03)

On 12/1/18 we quietly marked the 15th anniversary of the fire which destroyed our former building on the corner of Broadway and Lambs Rd. But it was only a building that burned down. The church is alive and well!


Men Are Ready to Roll! (1/19/19)

Who said that everything in church has to be serious stuff like study and worship?  Sometimes it’s just as important to just get out and spend time with each other.  After all, it’s the...

Jim Hughes Welcomes the Innkeeper to Church (12/23/18)

Sunday 12/23/18, the Fourth Sunday in Advent, Jim Hughes gave the messages through drama and song. He always brings a friend to church with him; this time he brought the Innkeeper (a man who made room in his heart for Jesus).


PUMC is on the Air!

It’s Sunday morning and you can’t get to church… Shut-in? On Vacation? In your college dorm? Snowed In? Stifled by the heat and humidity? Just not feeling 100%??? Thanks to the...

Red Cross Blood Drive to Visit PUMC (1/25/19)

PUMC will host a Red Cross Blood Drive on Friday Jan. 21 (2-7PM).


Food Pantry Fills God’s Call During the Shutdown

During the current government shutdown, the Pitman Food Pantry continues to help families make ends meet.


What Do You Want for Christmas??? (12/24/18)

During our 2018 Christmas Eve Candelight Service, Pastor Jim asked “What do YOU want for Christmas?” Through the music, Word, and Candles, we were all given an experience of being touched by Jesus.


Why Are We Here?…

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Why are we here?

Our beliefs about God drive our actions as we seek to Know, Grow, and Go. 
Click on each aspect of Know, Grow, and Go to learn more about our purpose…

KNOW God through His Creation...

We Believe that creation is not an accident.  That the God of the universe created us and sustains us.  There are no coincidences; God is in the details.

… And so we worship His amazing power and share every day “Godprints” within our conversations

KNOW God through His Word...

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and contains the truth we need in order to know Him better.


And so we study and ponder the Word and seek to apply it to our lives.

GROW through Community...

We believe that humanity is sinful and inclined to ignore God.  Left on our own, we would gradually drift away from God. 

… And so we seek to grow in grace through prayer and Christian community.

GROW in Worship...

We believe that Jesus is the divine Son of God; fully God and fully man.  That He lived among mankind and died on a cross to pay for our sins.

... And so we embrace God’s unmerited gift of salvation through praise and worship.  We grow into His likeness as we shift our attention from ourselves and instead focus on God.   

GO in Service...

We believe that one day Jesus will return to rule over God’s creation.  And until that day, He has called us to be His hands and feet in the world.

.. And so we go into our community and beyond to share His love through mission and service by feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and clothing the naked.

GO with The Gospel

We believe that Jesus’ death on a cross fulfilled God’s eternal plan to cancel sin and reunite the human race to God.

… And so we strive to witness our faith in God’s forgiveness.  We spread the Good News that our Creator loves us and that He wants to be involved in our day to day lives.

Keepin’ it Light!

Church is supposed to be fun!  Praising our God and sharing in what He has done for us is an amazing opportunity.  And so, our website is supposed to be fun too!  Below are a couple of ongoing polls.  You don’t have to sign in or anything like that.  Just pick your answer(s) and click the vote button.  Below the polls are samples of our “Signboard Wisdom”…

More info. on the polls:        Bible Reading Plans Page

Come back later and see how the results are trending.


Which Bible Reading Plan are you following this year?
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Our signboard keeps watch over the corner of Lambs Road and Broadway 24/7 and gives passing motorists a bit of “sentence sermon” wisdom.  Click the picture for more about the message…